International Fine Craft & Creation Biennal 2022: Revelation.

Salon révélation 2022 : Biennale des métiers d'Art.

The sharing of the arts.

From June 9 to 12, you can come and discover at the Grand Palais the creations that Antoine Jourdan, the Atelier Pelletier and the Maison Tournaire have created for the Salon Révélation 2022.

Having produced various works together, the designer, the ceramist and this jewelry house decided to hold the Révélation show together to present the sharing of know-how and the fruit of these collaborations.

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The Pelletier & Tournaire collaboration.

The sharing of the arts between the Maison de Joaillerie Tournaire and the ceramist Georges Pelletier for unique works.

Maison Tournaire and Georges Pelletier have collaborated on the development of various resolutely artistic and surprising lighting fixtures. When Mathieu Tournaire discovered the works of Georges Pelletier and the play of shadows that these incredible creations could create, he had the idea of ​​offering him a collaboration.

The play of light is created by the various sculptures that have been adapted to the works of Georges Pelletier. To do this, all the pieces integrated into the ceramics were created to measure in the workshops of Maison Tournaire, which are located in the Massif Central. It includes the Alchimie and Engrenage collections and the bas-reliefs from the Tournaire catalog which blend with the ceramics of Georges Pelletier.

The other strong point of these achievements is their rarity. There are only three copies of each. The parts are therefore numbered. The range includes three “Sun” type luminaires, two floor lamps and a Totem.

Through the art of working with ceramics, bronze and precious materials, such as silver and gold, they wanted to create surprising works that will delight art and ceramic enthusiasts.

  • Totem lamp black and gold By Georges Pelletier & Tournaire Paris
  • Lampe Soleil blanc et or Georges Pelletier & Tournaire Paris
  • Totem lamp By Georges Pelletier & Tournaire Paris
  • Luminaire double colonne Georges Pelletier Tournaire
  • Double colonne Tournaire Pelletier.
  • Collaboration Georges Pelletier et Tournaire Paris
  • Centre Soleil Pelletier Tournaire
  • Lampe visages Georges Pelletier - Tournaire Paris
  • Grand Soleil de Georges Pelletier et Tournaire Paris émaillé noir bleuté
  • Lampe Totem Georges Pelletier- Maison Tournaire.
  • Double Colonne Georges Pelletier - Tournaire Paris

The range of Haute Couture furniture: the result of a collaboration between Maison Tournaire and Antoine Jourdan.

The concept of the range of furniture is based on sculptures made by Maison Tournaire, which combine with steel and wood, to create furniture that is both modern and artistic. A surprising mix of bronze, powder-coated metal and solid wood.

The artistic part and its distinction is also to combine precious materials such as bronze that Maison Tournaire comes to work on its works. This gives rise to a perfect combination between the color of the wood and the sculptures, to the delight of lovers of art objects.

Another strong point of these creations is personalization. The goal is to make unique pieces, corresponding to you and adapted to your tastes. It is possible to choose the dimensions, the color of the metals, the essence of the wood and icing on the cake, in collaboration with Maison Tournaire, you can also choose a series of sculptures that can match your interior or your desires. .

The range is made up of different tables, consoles and pedestal tables. Through art, precious materials, wood, we wanted to create a line of rare furniture, which will delight lovers of art and design.

  • Boutique Tounaire Place Vendôme - mobilier Haute Couture - Design by Antoine Jourdan -
  • Boutique Tounaire Place Vendôme - mobilier Haute Couture - Design by Antoine Jourdan
  • antoine-jourdan-designer-mobilier-d-art-contemporain
  • table-basse-l-envol-acier-chene-massif-sculptures-maison-tournaire-paris
  • console-haute-couture-acier-marbre-sculptures-maison-tournaire-paris
  • console-haute-couture-par-antoine-jourdan-et-maison-tournaire-paris
  • gueridon-haute-couture-par-antoine-jourdan-et-maison-tournaire-paris
  • gueridon-haute-couture-tournaire-paris-et-antoine-jourdan
  • Table basse Haute Couture Antoine Jourdan Tournaire Paris
  • Fauteuil Haute Couture Place Vendôme - vue arrière
  • Fauteuil Haute Couture Place Vendôme - sculpture bronze de la Maison Tournaire Paris
  • Fauteuil Haute Couture Place Vendôme - profil
  • Fauteuil Haute Couture Place Vendôme Sculpture by Tournaire Paris
  • Fauteuil Haute Couture - sculpture bronze de la Maison Tournaire Paris Place Vendôme

Antoine Jourdan: the agent of the ceramic artist Georges Pelletier.

For several years, Antoine Jourdan has represented Georges and his son Benjamin, who works with him in the workshop.

He makes the link between him, their collaborators and all the people interested in their creations. He also organizes exhibitions of their work in different countries and together they develop a range of furniture called Ceramica.

Georges Pelletier et Antoine Jourdan dans l'atelier



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