Meeting of Styles: The Works of Caroline Rennequin and Georges Pelletier Elevate the New Space of the Famous Emms Interior Design Agency in Paris.

Caroline Rennequin Gouache chez Emms Interior Design

Customization and Creativity: The Hallmarks of Emms Interior Design.

Founded by visionary designers, Emms Interior Design has quickly established itself as a benchmark in the world of interior architecture in Paris. Known for its creations that blend functionality and aesthetics, the firm stands out for its personalized approach and keen attention to detail.

Each project is a quest for harmony where materials, textures, and colors intertwine to create unique spaces that reflect the personalities of their occupants.

Applique Soleil de Georges Pelletier chez Emms Interior design
Caroline Rennequin chez Emms Interior Desgin

Georges Pelletier: The Light Artist

Georges Pelletier, known for his ceramic creations, is a major figure in the decorative art of the 20th century. His works, often inspired by nature and organic shapes, are a celebration of light and texture. Pelletier‘s luminous sculptures, with their soft and enveloping forms, create a warm and inviting atmosphere, bringing a touch of poetry to every space.

Georges Pelletier has gained international recognition for his innovative and distinctive work in the field of ceramics and light sculpture. He has been featured in numerous art and design exhibitions around the world.

  • Tableau de Caroline Rennequin chez Emms Interior Design
  • Applique Soleil de Georges Pelletier dans un intérieur décoré par Emms Interior Design
  • Caroline Rennequin et Georges Pelletier Emms Interior Design
  • Applique deux fleurs de Georges Pelletier dans l'agence de Emms Interior Design
  • Applique Pelletier deux fleurs - Emms Interior Design
  • Tableau gouache Fleur de Caroline Rennequin
  • Caroline Rennequin Gouache chez Emms Interior Design
  • Caroline Rennequin chez Emms Interior Desgin
  • Applique Soleil de Georges Pelletier chez Emms Interior design

Caroline Rennequin: A Contemporary Vision of Beauty.

Caroline Rennequin pursues a multidisciplinary personal artistic practice, in which themes of otherness, intimacy, femininity, as well as the relationships between craftsmanship, popular culture, non-Western art, and contemporary art hold a special place. This is evident in her latest series of 301 gouaches on paper created in 2020, ‘That’s All Folks!’, revolving around the universal motif of the flower.

She has exhibited on several occasions, notably at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2010, as part of the group exhibition ‘Circuit céramique’, at Deyrolle (Rue du Bac, Paris) in 2014, at the Danysz Gallery in 2016 in the collective exhibition ‘Le Dessin sous toutes ses formes’, at the Biennale de Paname in 2018 and 2019, and also at the Parisian gallery Jean Fournier, which invited her in 2022 to present a solo exhibition.

Caroline Rennequin et Georges Pelletier Emms Interior Design Caroline Rennequin Gouache chez Emms Interior Design

The exhibition of works by Georges Pelletier and Caroline Rennequin at Emms Interior Design is not just a convergence of talents. It represents a true symbiosis between the artistic visions of the creators and the refined aesthetics of the firm. Their creations complement and enrich each other, providing visitors with an immersive experience where art and design meet and converse.

This exhibition marks a significant moment in the Parisian artistic landscape. It demonstrates Emms Interior Design‘s commitment to creating spaces that are not just functional or aesthetically pleasing but are also living spaces imbued with art and beauty. For art and design enthusiasts, this exhibition is a must-see opportunity to discover how art can transform a space and, by extension, our everyday experience.

  • Exhibition location: Emms Interior Design, Paris.
  • Address: 6 rue des Ternes – 75017 Paris
  • Photo Credit : Camille Payat

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