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Collaboration of ceramic artist Georges Pelletier with the Tournaire.

Collaboration of ceramic artist Georges Pelletier and the Tournaire Jewelery House.

To create these new luminaires, Georges Pelletier collaborated with the Tournaire Jewelery House.

Georges Pelletier: Ceramist Artist.

Georges Pelletier was born in Brussels on 10/09/1938.

Georges Pelletier began his ceramist training at the age of fourteen at the Pioulier School in Vence, founded by Célestin Freinet.

He made his debut for two years at the Academy Charpentier in Paris (School of Arts and Crafts), which is now the Picasso Museum.

In 1961 he opened his first studio in Paris, where he created his first unique pieces.

He was spotted by the Bobois House for his talent. That’s why he became a supplier of Bobois lighting collections from 1961 to 1973, where he had his own workshop dedicated to the creation of lighting fixtures for this big house.

Since 1973 he continues to produce sculpture lamps and other decorative objects, while working on various enameling techniques.

Today Georges Pelletier is a world renowned artist.

the Tournaire Jewelery House:

Maison Tournaire was founded 45 years ago by Philippe Tournaire. Self-taught, he has created a style of atypical jewelry.

Over time, Philippe Tournaire passed on his passion for jewelery to his son Mathieu Tournaire who today embodies the legacy of the House. Tournaire Jewelery is just like its creators, Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire: “Always in search of innovation and never seen, never done.”

Recognized for several decades, especially for its jewels that make sense, Maison Tournaire has a unique know-how, the fruit of mixing the best of ancestral techniques such as lost wax casting, and the best of the most modern technologies. as the 3D design, used by the Jewelery House for over twenty years already.

The Tournaire Pelletier collaboration:

The sharing of the arts between the Tournaire Jewelery House and the ceramist Georges Pelletier for unique works in the world.

Maison Tournaire and Georges Pelletier collaborated on the development of various resolutely artistic and surprising luminaries. When Mathieu Tournaire discovered the works of Georges Pelletier and the shadows that could create these incredible achievements, he immediately had the idea to propose a collaboration.

The play of light is created by the various sculptures that have been adapted to the works of Georges Pelletier. To do this, all the pieces integrated into the ceramics have been created to measure in the Maison Tournaire workshops located in the Massif Central. The Alchimie, Engrenage and bas-relief collections from the Tournaire catalog come to be married to Georges Pelletier’s ceramics.

The other strong point of these achievements is their rarity. There are only three copies of each. The pieces are numbered. The range includes three “Sun” type luminaires, two floor lamps and a Totem.

Through the art of ceramics, bronze and precious materials, such as silver and gold, they wanted to create unique works that will delight art and ceramic enthusiasts.

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