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Haute Couture range: goldsmith by Tournaire Paris.

Discover the Haute Couture range that I created in collaboration with Maison Tournaire Paris.

We wanted to design a line of furniture resolutely original in connection with the world of this great House of Jewelry.

Since 1973 the Tournaire jewelery house has refined its style, its technique and has explored many sites of inspiration using the oldest techniques, as the most modern. The flagship collections such as “Alchimie” or Architecture, have become timeless classics that have allowed Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire to exhibit their unique work and know-how around the world.

The concept of the range of furniture is based on sculptures by Maison Tournaire, which combine with steel and wood, to create furniture that is both modern and artistic. A surprising mix of bronze, powder coated metal and solid wood.

The artistic part and its distinction, it is also allied precious materials such as bronze that House Tournaire comes works on his works.

This gives birth to a perfect combination of the color of wood and sculptures, to the delight of art lovers. Another highlight of these creations is the customization.

The goal is to make unique pieces, corresponding to you and adapted to your tastes. It is possible to choose the dimensions, the color of the metals, the essence of the wood, the type of marble and in collaboration with the House Tournaire, you can also choose a series of sculpture which will be able to agree with your interior or your desires .

The range is made up of different tables, consoles, pedestal tables and armchairs.

Through, art, precious materials, wood, and marble, we wanted to create a line of rare furniture, which will delight art and design enthusiasts.

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