Georges Pelletier: from ceramics to art.

Georges Pelletier: from ceramics to art.

You are passionate about ceramics and objets d’art from the 70s, 80s.

You surely know the works of Georges Pelletier. The famous mirrors and lighting in the shape of sun or its totems that have made its reputation. But deep down I guess you do not really know any more. I am lucky to be able to work with Georges Pelletier and represent his work.

Which led me to write you this article. I told myself that you would love to know better this artist who thanks to his talent is now recognized worldwide.

I will take you on a trip to his studio, explain his career, his works.

Connoisseurs will tell you that one easily recognizes his achievements.

After reading this article you will know more and if you are already a connoisseur you will learn things is certain, because very few people have the chance to see him work.

Let’s start with his story.

The path of Georges Pelletier.

Georges Pelletier was born in Brussels on 10.09.1938.   He made his debut for two years at the Academy Charpentier in Paris (School of Arts and Crafts), which is now the Picasso Museum.

After which he worked at the Atelier Claude Pantzer (The large pottery of Accolay).

In 1961 he opened his first studio in Paris, where he created his first unique pieces. He was spotted by the Bobois house for his tallent.   That’s why he became a supplier of Roche Bobois lighting collections from 1961 to 1973, where he had his own workshop dedicated to the creation of lighting fixtures for this big house.

In 1973 he decided to leave for the south, in Cannes, where he set up a new workshop where he is still active and continues to work.

Let’s talk about his workshop in Cannes.

Georges Pelletier's workshop.

It is a real cave of Ali baba filled with treasures. There are works everywhere: on the floor, shelves and walls. Georges Pelletier likes to say “I can not sell them. It is necessary to keep works, around oneself that it helps to the creation “. Some works that few people know, that he realized during the 60s, are close to his heart. So he keeps them preciously.

Here are some pictures of his studio and himself working. Finalization of the manufacture of a luminaire on which you will notice many details.

This is a huge job, as these works have many small pieces that he makes one by one by hand. “That’s the beauty of the work in the end” because each piece is different and therefore unique. It is also the peculiarity of his achievements. Because once illuminated the magic operates and all these details are highlighted.

Here is also the picture of a sun that was being finished when I went to the workshop. You will notice the titanic work that it takes to realize all these details.

When you go down the stairs to get into the studio there are always suns and appliques against the wall. Here are some photos:

As I told you, there are many treasures there. In this photo you will find a major feature of the work of the artist.

He comes to lay gold leaf and mixes the colors copper, bronze, silver and gold.

This mixed combines very well with the white enamelled biscuit. Once lit, these works are surprising.

A small example in photo:

Whether you mix these achievements with a modern or classic interior they will always be able to get married and create a very nice balance.

Here is a picture of his archives. I put this picture because he said to me: “This type of lamp was the one that the house Roche Bobois sold the most in the 50s, it was a real success.”

It’s amazing every time I go to see him in his studio, I travel in time. He loves to show pictures of his work over the years, explaining the evolution of his creations. I will stay there for hours.

While going to the workshop I took you a picture of a pair of similar lamps, which he made in the early 80s and keeps to surround himself with his favorite objects.

The famous Totems.

You know them ?

They even got the cover of Magazine AD Spain, February 2018.

Page de couverture AD Totem de Georges Pelletier

Here is a picture taken in the master’s studio.

At the back you can find one of the ovens in which he cooks the pieces.

If you only know his luminaries “Totem” or “sun” or his owl lamps, he also made small characters and animals that are more rare.

I adore them.

Finally you understand it Georges Pelletier is an exciting artist who likes to share and make known his knowledge.

It is very simple to recognize his works that are atypical.

He really knows how to stand out and create incredible objects that are timeless.

I am very proud to collaborate with him, to have the chance to listen to all his stories and learn a lot.

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