Presentation of Haute Couture furniture: Sharing of know-how and art creations.

Console : Mobilier Haute Couture.

Through their collaboration Maison Tournaire and Antoine Jourdan make us travel between passions and extraordinary achievements.


Haute Couture furniture: an exceptional range.

Antoine Jourdan luxury furniture designer.

Antoine Jourdan through his career in the world of luxury has realized how enriching it is to rub shoulders with creators and accompany them to promote them. What could be more rewarding than sharing his passion for art and craft work in the purest tradition of French luxury.

Growing up in the Stéphanoise region, he wanted to surround himself with local designers and craftsmen for the creation of this new Haute Couture line.

Antoine Jourdan has developed his own history, outside traditional ways and established systems. He always wanted to get as much inspiration as possible from his clients’ desires. The creation of Haute Couture’s range of furniture in 2019 was an opportunity to invite other talented creators and craftsmen whose universes revolve around his with a language whose relevance is matched only by their creativity. A fabulous blend of tradition, craftsmanship and art, ultimately unique works. This is what he calls the sharing of the arts.


The Tournaire Jewelery House.

To create this new range of contemporary furniture, I collaborate with Tournaire Jewelry House.

Maison Tournaire was founded 45 years ago by Philippe Tournaire. Self-taught, he has created a style of atypical jewelry. Over time, Philippe Tournaire passed on his passion for jewelery to his son Mathieu Tournaire who today embodies the legacy of the House. Tournaire jewelery is in the image of its creators, Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire: “Always in search of innovation and never seen, never done.”

Recognized for several decades, especially for its jewelery with a strong symbolism, Maison Tournaire possesses a unique know-how, fruit of the mixture of the best of ancestral techniques like lost wax casting, and the best of the most modern technologies. as the 3D design, used by the Jewelery House for over twenty years already.


The sharing of the arts between Tournaire Jewelery and furniture designer Antoine Jourdan for unique works in the world.

With Maison Tournaire our goal was to design a resolutely artistic and modern furniture line. To do this we collaborate with other local artisans who have knowledge of the trades of ironwork, wood and powder coating. All furniture is made in the Loire region with the best carefully selected materials.

Here are some pictures of the different workshops where the furniture is made.

  • Atelier de menuiserie Mobilier Haute Couture
  • Atelier de menuiserie ou est fabriqué le mobilier Haute Couture
  • Fabrication d'un plateau en chêne massif
  • Plateau en chêne massif Mobilier Haute Couture
  • Incrustation de la sculpture de la Maison Tournaire dans le Guéridon Haute Couture
  • Fabrication du guéridon Haute Couture en bois massif
  • Fabrication des sculptures en bronze dans les ateliers de la Maison Tournaire
  • Ateliers Tournaire
  • Séance de travail avec Mathieu Tournaire
  • Etabli de joaillier dans les ateliers Tournaire
  • L'atelier de ferronnerie ou est fabriqué notre mobilier
  • Fabrication de la partie acier du mobilier Haute Couture

The strength of these creations is personalization.

The goal is to make unique pieces, matching and adapted to the tastes of each. It is possible to choose the dimensions, the color of the metals (rough, varnish, mat etc …), the essence of the wood … In collaboration with the House Tournaire, you will be able to choose one of the different series of sculptures in bronze which will be the most adapted to your desires. The range includes different tables, consoles and pedestal table. Through, art, bronze, wood, steel they have created a line of rare furniture, which will delight aesthetes passionate about art and design.


With Mathieu Tournaire we have the chance to present this range of furniture in the show Loire Eco.

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