The crystal revolution: the story of a line of contemporary furniture unique in the world.


Yes it is a revolution.

You like contemporary furniture, you are interested but you probably have never seen furniture in crystal and steel or crystal and wood because previously it did not exist.

You have in mind the idea of ​​a fragile material, which is used to make objects classics. We wanted to counteract this image.

Create a new concept: The connected crystal. In collaboration with Valery Klein we have developed this project.

Wondering where this idea came from?

What led us to create this range of furniture?

Why embark on this adventure?

Or do you want to know more about our novelty?

In this article I answer all these questions. You will know everything about our range of furniture.

To do this I will begin by explaining to you what led me to develop this project.


The sharing of the arts at the service of creation.

Throughout my career in the world of luxury I made it possible to be enriched by these creators.

Living in Cannes for 10 years. I decided to work with different artists from the Cannes area to develop their range of furniture.

On his website you will find Valery Klein, companion, master Cristallier, with whom he collaborates on furniture or Vanessa Zarrouk.

A great artist who made his debut at the School of Art and Scenography of the Principality of Monaco.

Today I have an increasingly demanding clientele looking for quality, pieces that it will not find anywhere else, custom-made objects that are personally dedicated to it.


The idea of ​​developing a range of contemporary furniture was created in order to continue to surprise and interest my customers. Things were done naturally.

I have always been open to different collaborations with artists or craftsmen.
This mixture of know-how and ideas has allowed us to create furniture unique in the world.

We must not hide it we are always stronger to many.

My dream was to share my know-how with all these professionals.

Today thanks to the creation of this range of contemporary furniture, I can realize it.

I really wanted to invent unique pieces in the world, mixing modernity and tradition.

We did it. Finally I am happy to do this job and to share with you the know-how of all these creators of art.

It’s a unique and precious thing that I wanted to share with you.

That’s also why I wrote this article. So that you can better understand our concept, which has never been created before, I will describe it to you.


A unique range in the world

Know-how and creations combine to create a unique, fully customizable range of furniture that you will not find anywhere else.

A knowledge that I strive to share with different artists and collaborators to produce the best.


Crystal raised to the rank of Art.

To differentiate myself, I decided in collaboration with Valery Klein to create a range of contemporary furniture.

From an early age, Valery Klein is fascinated by the crystal through the activity of his father who was also in the crystal. It is quite naturally at the age of 14 that he is turned towards learning the work of this noble material.

After a professional career with the best French and foreign crystal workers, Valéry Klein obtained his Brevet de compagnon in 1980 and created the Artisan du cristal.


The Manhattan Collection

Always in search of new creations and strong of our experience, we wanted to create a range of resolutely original and modern furniture, in limited edition and numbered.

The concept is based on hand-made and frosted crystal paste plates, which combine with steel or wood to create furniture that combines modern with classic.

By combining turns, crystal, metals, wood and rare leather, these achievements are all more original than the others.

The crystal combined with LED lighting gives birth to a perfect alchemy between games of light and patterns frosted in the crystal, for the pleasure of the eyes.

The personalization of creations is the strength of this line of furniture. The goal is to make unique pieces that correspond to your tastes.

It is possible to choose the dimensions, the color of the metals (raw, varnish, matte etc …), the essence of the wood, the type of leather and the color of the leathers for the chairs.

The range includes different tables, chairs, desk, bar and light fixtures. Through art, crystal, wood and steel we wanted to create a line of furniture unique in the world, which will delight aesthetes passionate about art and design.

But it is not finished.

Our goal is to create whole interiors in crystal and steel or wood and steel, combining technology with our creations.


Connected furniture: home automation.

Home automation, sometimes also called smarthome, or connected home, “smart” home, are terms increasingly fashionable.

It’s amazing what you can do with home automation.

That’s why we decided to integrate it as an option in our furniture.

I say optional because it’s not everyone who likes home automation.

We want to leave the choice to our customers. But some maybe do not know or have just briefly heard about home automation. So what is it?

Home automation is not new, since we talked about it in the 1970s. In 1974, in the suburbs of Brussels, Pierre SARDA’s house was already equipped at the time with a lot of automation and peripherals that still make us dream even today.

Its system was based on a computer “no bigger than a small suitcase”, whose role was to know the environment and control it: light, heating, audio / video, security.

About our furniture. It is always possible to light it, so that the crystal plates are highlighted. So we thought giving our customers even more opportunity to control this lighting was a very good idea.

Knowing that in addition to automatic adjustments of the intensity of the lighting it is also possible with home automation to change the type of color.

So what are the possibilities?

First of all you need internet to have the pleasure of installing home automation at home. Because all your lighting systems will be connected to your internet box which itself will be connected to your smartphone or tablet.

On which you will have an application where you can manage everything.

You can adjust the intensity of your lighting via your smartphone.

You can set a specific time to switch on your furniture with this automated system.

For example, you have the Manhattan cube in your room or the pedestal table you can have it turned on at the time you want to get up.

More pleasant as an alarm clock?

Guéridon Caraïbes Édition limitée. Cube cristal et acier

It can be adjusted to the rhythm of the music that you spend in your home.

You can also connect your furniture to any object connected to your internet box.

For example, you have a crystal and steel desk.

We can set the system to flash when you receive an email.

Or you have a base table we can connect to the ambilight of your TV.

Table basse Manhattan- cristal et acier Bureau cristal et Acier- Manhattan.


It is possible to have your furniture or lights turned on at sunset.


Applique murale Manhattan: cristal et acier.


Finally, as you have understood, there are a multitude of possibilities.

We seek to give you maximum comfort. To push the boundaries of a “traditional” crystal object.


To you

Now you know everything about our furniture.

As you understand, everything is possible and it will always be unique because even if some parts are similar, they will never be the same.

It gives me great pleasure to share our know-how with you.

Me who works in art.

I am very happy to be able to break the codes of the crystal by creating extraordinary achievements while sharing my know-how in the design.

We seek, with my collaborators to adapt us as much as possible to your desires.

Finally if you are looking for unique and rare products, you can also enjoy yourself, and I hope you find your happiness.

And if you have an idea, an opinion or if you find a nice “piece” of furniture that you want to share, do not hesitate to send us a small photo.

I will be able to share it after this article.  Thanks for sharing this article.

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I am waiting for your comments.

Very soon, around a beautiful piece of furniture: yours, I hope.

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