Julien Allegre

Julien Allegre is a self-taught artist. Since 2001 driven by his inner creative strength, he continues to grow his mastery of the technique of steel and specializes in sculpture.

He himself has made his own teaching. Passionate about music, he first plays drums and hang. His perseverance in his work allows him to meet people who will support him: including collectors and gallery owners.

His sculpture displays a very personal, sensitive and evocative timelessness. For anyone who knows how to contemplate it, she talks about human fragility, roughness, depth.
His beings with complex carnal envelopes seem inhabited by ancestral times, guardians of an era, giving us strength and serenity.

Today Julien Allegre is a world-renowned artist, who continues to attract collectors and art lovers.

Here is a video or will discover the universe of Julien Allegre in music.

A first performance in his studio, filmed by his friend director Benoît Renard.

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