The online magazine VoyageDenver highlights women entrepreneurs and artists in Colorado, and has chosen Caroline Rennequin as part of its selection.

The article gets into the motivations of this great artist, her inspirations, and the lessons she has drawn from her incredible journey.

Interview de Caroline Rennequin Shoutout Colorado

We can read in this article :

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?

I am an artist; the financial dimension and the commercial reality of any creation come second. The primary focus should be on searching and creating. Accepting that these two stages are as contradictory as they are essential was a significant reflection for funding my research and then realizing a production of works that I could sell. I was finally ready to take that risk and believe in it.
I like to get up early in the morning :)! To have discipline, willpower, to cultivate hope and joy. To be a “good worker” of one’s own ideas…
I’ve learn several lessons along the way.
That some dreams do come true.
That evolving one’s professional activity is an opportunity for personal growth.
That the path is never easy… but it is essential to put in every effort to achieve one’s dreams!
Being an artist has been a certainty since my childhood. I cannot explain it. Living it fully imposed itself on me; I had no choice, in short. It is vital for me to be creative. I recognized my path naturally, and I am still learning to accept the constraints that come with it.

Interview dans de Caroline Rennequin Interview dans de Caroline Rennequin

Caroline Rennequin is one of the leading figures in the Denver art scene, and her works can be found at Homebody.

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