Petit Totem en céramique de Georges Pelletier

Petit Totem en céramique de Georges Pelletier

Small Totem Georges Pelletier

height: 55 cm - width: 15 cm

Totem Lamp Georges Pelletier.

Enamelled Ceramic.

Work signed.

Delivered with a certificate of authenticity of the artist.

Georges Pelletier

Georges Pelletier is a French ceramist and artist born October 9, 1938 in Brussels in the municipality of Schaerbeek and died on February 12, 2024.

He devoted himself to his work in the privacy of his studio, driven by an unwavering passion until the last days of his existence, with his son Benjamin to whom he transmitted all his rich artistic heritage.

His beginnings:

Georges Pelletier began his ceramist training at the age of fourteen at the Pioulier School in Vence, founded by Célestin Freinet. This school teaches a free and modern art for its time. This training allowed him from a very young age to build a unique artistic identity.

His learning period:

He arrived in Paris in 1953 at the age of 15. Very happy to discover many art exhibitions, he learns a lot by visiting museums and various galleries. From 1954 to 1956 he trained in drawing at the Charpentier Academy and prepared the competition of the School of Crafts. Very curious, he listens attentively to the artistic advice of his older friends.

Occasionally, he goes to the studio of the artist Fernand Léger, where he presents his work to the studio director and trains himself in drawing.

At the age of sixteen, in 1956, he returned to the craft school. To perfect his know-how, he worked in Claude Pantzer’s studio. Workshop where the architect and designer Charlotte Perriand work the ceramics for these different projects.

During the school holidays he integrates the poteries of Accolay. He created new models that were very successful and met the ceramist Raphael Giarusso with whom he later shared a workshop for a year.


In 1961 he opened his first studio in Paris, where he created his first unique pieces. He is spotted by Bobois House for his talent. That’s why he became a supplier of Bobois lighting collections from 1961 to 1973. He dedicates his studio to the creation of lighting for this large house and for living rooms where he exhibits his sculptures and lamps that are sold with lampshades made by Pierre Ménard from fabrics of the House Roche Bobois.


In 1973, he decided to leave for the south, to Cannes, where he set up a new workshop in which he devoted himself with passion to his work, accompanied by his son Benjamin until his last days. Today, Georges Pelletier is an artist recognized throughout the world, and he bequeaths to his son a rich and luminous artistic legacy.


Exhibitions and showroom:


– RÉVÉLATION SALON 2022: Exhibition for the International Biennial of Crafts and Creation with Maison Tournaire and Antoine Jourdan from June 9 to 12 at the Grand Palais Éphémère.

– GSTAAD – “Soleil d’hiver” exhibition in Switzerland in Gstaad, at Patricia Low’s in her magical space, Caravan Gstaad and in her gallery, from December 17, 2021.

– KNOKKE – Exhibition “Originally” in Belgium, in Knokke from August 4 to September 30 at Passe Simple Vintage Gallery: Zandstraat 18, 8300 Knooke.

– LOS ANGELES – Permanent showroom of the creations of Georges Pelletier and the furniture we make together, at Studio Van Den Akker in Los Angeles in the PDC Building, since June 2021.

– NEW YORK – Permanent showroom of the creations of Georges Pelletier and the furniture we make together, at Studio Van Den Akker in New York on Third Avenue in the DDB Building, since June 2021.

– ATLANTA – Permanent exhibition of Georges Pelletier’s creations at The Drawing Room ATL Gallery in Atlanta since the end of December 2020. The first exhibition of Georges Pelletier’s creations in the United States.

– IBIZA – Permanent exhibition of Georges Pelletier’s creations since August 6, 2020 at the Galeria Tambien, in Ibiza.

– BRUXELLES – On the occasion of the 25th edition of the Brussels Design Market, Georges Pelletier is the guest of honor of this event; an exhibition of his works is dedicated to him.

– CONSORTIUM MUSEUM – From February 21, 2016 to June 5, 2016, exhibition at the Consortium Museum in Dijon where he presents various works: The almanac 16 Georges Pelletier.
Today, some of the creations from this exhibition are part of the museum’s permanent collection.

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