Georges Pelletier on the front page of Nice Matin: The famous ceramist has passed away…

La Une de Nice Matin : le décès de l'artiste Georges Pelletier

Nice Matin headlines: Known worldwide for his works prized by galleries and personalities, ceramist Georges Pelletier has died at the age of 85, on February 12 in Cannes. His son Benjamin is taking over.

Nice Matin dedicates a part of its front page and a full-page article to the work of Georges Pelletier. This beautiful article states:

“He was a brilliant artist-craftsman. A specialist in lighting, ceramist Georges Pelletier suddenly passed away on February 12th in Cannes. He was 85 years old. “For me, he was the greatest ceramist of his generation who was still with us”, emphasizes Antoine Jourdan, his friend and agent for many years. “Through his work, Georges was recognized everywhere, in renowned galleries, permanent and prestigious exhibitions, by top designers and interior architects, but also at the Elysée, the White House, in Japan.”

Nice Matin. Hommage et décès de Georges Pelletier

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