Article published by Le Progrès: “These eight companies that will bluff you”.

Article published by Le Progrès, Sunday December 30, 2019.

Find Antoine Jourdan’s company, which has been selected as one of the most innovative.

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“These eight companies that will amaze you

There are eight of them, they are all located in the Loire / Haute-Loire region, and they represent the future. Innovative, original, creative, these eight companies move our departments, create jobs for the population, stand out for their ingenuity. Find out how, on their scale, they are turning the world upside down. “

“The one with the golden fingers: Antoine Jourdan

Thanks to his company of the same name, Antoine Jourdan proves day after day that design, in our territory, is not just a question of image and blah-blah. Ligérien, this last draw since very small and, after a beginning of career in the field of the luxury, (Vuitton and Gucci, to quote only them) he almost naturally became creator of furniture of contemporary art. “

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