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Creation of Contemporary Furniture: Crystal, wood and Steel.

About This Project

Being always looking for novelty we have created with the Artisan of the Crystal a line of furniture resolutely original and modern.

Always looking for new creations and strong of our experience, we wanted to realize a range of furniture resolutely original and modern, limited edition and numbered.

The concept is based on crystal paste plates, hand-crafted and frosted, which come together with steel or wood to create both modern and classic furnishings. By combining, in turn, crystal, metals, type of wood and rare leather, these achievements are all more original than the others.

The crystal combined with LED lighting that gives birth to a perfect alchemy between sets of light and patterns frosted in the crystal, created for the greatest pleasure of the eyes.

The highlight of these creations is personalization. The aim is to make unique pieces that match your taste and tastes. It is possible to choose the dimensions, the color of the metals (crude, varnish, mat etc …),the type of wood, the type of leather and the color of the leathers for the chairs.

The range includes different tables, chairs and fixtures.

We wanted to create a line of furniture unique in the world that will delight the people Passionate about art and design.